Kohahna/Leelanau for Girls Alumnae News

Council Fire

Remember that alumnae are welcome at the girls’ Council Fire each Sunday.  This summer the alums added rich comments to the “alumnae time” at Council Fire.  They spoke about the importance of Kohahna or Leelanau for Girls in their life.  Friendships are always the top of the list along with a nurturing environment to learn more about Christian Science.  Also, mentioned was learning how to face challenges and stand up to fear.  Campers love hearing from the alums!  Please contact Kathleen Moyer ahead of time to let her know that you will be coming.  Arrive about 6:30 as the hike up starts at 6:45.

Your News

Let us know if you plan to attend the reunion and we’ll start letting others know on this site!

From Peggy Hasting Sullivan (’60s) – after receiving the weekly summer alumnae update email.  “Oh does that ever make me miss camp. Honestly I think about Kohahna at least once a day!”

Do you have any camp-related news you would like to share?  Did you have any moments over the summer when you thought about your experience at camp?  Often we have faced challenges and thought, “If it weren’t for camp, I would never have been able to do that!”  Have you done anything over the last year that made you even more grateful for your camp experience?  Have you had children at Leelanau or Kohahna recently, and if so, would you like to share their experiences with alums?  If you have anything you would like to write about, please send it to alum@leelanau-kohahna.org and we’ll see if we can post it on this page for all to read.

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