Who Attended

The men who made the trip – and it was so worth it!  You won’t want to miss the next one in 2015!

Keith Johnson 84-91, 95,96 (North, Crib)

Rick Taylor 83

Weldon Rutledge forever

David Heckel  ’68-81  (Red, North, and Crib teams)

John Sampson ’63-’72 (Purple)

Jim Ogden ’75-’78 (Red and South)

David Chamberlin ’72-’88 (North)

Wick Poole  ’57-’66 (Purple)

Peter Phinny 5 years as a camper  ’67-’80 Counselor and (Red, Purple, Crib)

Gabe Ferland ’87-89 (South)

Gary MacDonald ’66-’78 (As a camper, CT and counselor)

Don Chamberlin Jr. ’74-’83 (North, Crib)

Don Chamberlin III ’91-’03 (10 years in there) (North)

Blair Anderson ’80s and ’90s

Jim Frank ’68-81 (Panther, Blue, North, Crib)

Jim Cooley ’70’s-80’s (South, Crib)

Trippy Mohan 2000 to infinity (South, Crib)

Tom Freund ’74-’82, ’89 (North, Crib)

Rich Bachus ’74-’82 (South, Crib)

Craig Mattison 1988-1997, 2000-2002 (South, Crib)

Douglas Hickman ’66, 67, & 74 (North)

Wade Hampton ’80s

Andy “The Burg” Rathburg ’96 and still going (South, Crib)

Blake Windal ’83-’91 (North)

Jervis DiCicco ’86-’00,’02-’05 (South, Crib)

Clark Shutt ’70-’77, ’85-’07 (Green, Crib)

Bud Olsen ’41-’42 (Green, Purple)

Mark McCurties ’94-’07 (North, Crib)

Kaleb Ferland

John Greiner ’90-’02 (South)

Peter Greiner “90-’03 (South)

Eli Sinkus ’90s – ’10 (North)

Steve Bluhm (Crib)

Geoff Kotila ’89-’00 (South)

Bill Blake ’82-’85, ’88-’92 (North, Crib)

David Libbe ’01-present (North, Crib)

Eric Olsen ’93-present (South, Crib)

Fred Morrison ’99-present

Wes Benner 60s, 70s (Purple)

Bill Northway (purple)

Chuck Needham 60s, 70s (Blue, Purple)

Larry Olsen 60s, 70s (Blue, Purple)

John Rinnert 90s, 00s (crib)

Gerry Chamberlin 70s, 80s (north, Crib)

Don Chamberlin Sr.

John Bailey ’74-’77 (South, Crib)