Arts & Crafts

It is not just popsicle sticks and glue anymore! Campers learn to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary in arts & crafts. Whether they’re making bead necklaces or painting a set for the camp production, arts & crafts unlocks their creativity. Learning about color, texture, and design helps them make a good idea into a great project.


Cabin Day
Cabin Day is a highlight for everyone! It’s that special Wednesday afternoon when a cabin can enjoy the fun and companionship found in shared activities. Hiking the dunes, tubing the Crystal River, playing games at Bar Lake , working together on the ropes course, biking to Glen Arbor… whatever the cabin chooses to do, it’s a guarantee that there will be smiles and stories brought back to camp.

camp-craftsCamp Crafts & Border Camp
Campers hone their camping skills with Leelanau & Kohahna’s expert instructors in Camp Crafts (Kohahna) and Border Camp (Leelanau). They learn how to camp, cook, and survive in the wilderness, as well as basic skills such as fire building, knot tying, and map use. More advanced techniques such as lashing and structure building, equipment maintenance and repair, and even the opportunity to design and lead a trip are included in the curriculum for each camp. Then campers take these new skills out on one of the 30 trips offered each summer.


The primary goal of the Canoe program is to teach whitewater (river) skills. The program is formed around four skill levels. Starting on Lake Michigan learning the basic strokes, basic concepts, safe launching in waves and safety on open water, the campers progress to increasingly demanding rivers. Here they develop understanding and skill in dealing with river currents. The campers learn to read the water and develop necessary paddling skills in order to master safe river travel. They will learn canoe/camping skills, knots, carries and advanced maneuvers. All skills are developed in tandem and solo.

All it takes is imagination to transform a lump of clay into a beautiful work of art and ceramics offers the opportunity for campers to work with their hands. They learn to make coil pots, pinch pots, and basic shapes. The potter’s wheel awaits them as they hone their skills with clay and kiln.


Does your camper want to learn ballet, jazz, tap or maybe even a little hip hop? No matter their experience on the dance floor, all are welcome! Classes include instruction from beginner levels to advanced. Each week various dance pieces are learned and practiced to be performed in An Evening of Art, at the end of each session. Those with experience also have the opportunity to design, choreograph, and perform their own dance. It is a wonderful opportunity to be on stage with their friends.

Camp is a wonderful place to let the inner actor or actress shine! Campers practice improvisation, expression, and speech, reading from both classic and contemporary material. They also have the opportunity to create their own pieces to perform in front of camp audiences from our newly-remodeled stage area. The second session of camp offers the opportunity to participate in a larger production which may include dramatic, comedic and/or musical numbers. Our costume room helps actors get into character, and campers from Arts & Crafts and RCA pitch in to design and create sets.


Horseback Riding
The riding program is centered on safety, skill on horseback and on understanding the horse. The program develops through four skill levels. As a rider, the camper learns control maneuvers such as circles, half-circle and halts, as well as moving the horse forward. Riders will strengthen their balance and agility in the saddle at gates appropriate for their skill level. As confidence and ability develop, trail riding is added to the adventures of riding. The campers learn skills “from the ground” such as feeding, cleaning, saddling, bridling and leading. Each camper is required to clean up and care for all aspects of the barn and the horses.

Interlochen Arts Academy
We have a unique opportunity at camp to take advantage of the wonderful schedule of musical and arts events that Interlochen offers during the summer. In the past we have enjoyed the music and talent displayed at Interlochen’s “Collage.” “Collage” is an event where the wide range of artistic talent exhibited by the Interlochen campers is presented to the public. Any evening spent at Interlochen ends up being a grand event! The opening packet will have a sign up that will allow parents to make this opportunity available to their campers.


Leelanau & Kohahna’s 2500 feet of Lake Michigan beachfront are the perfect setting for sea kayaking. The beautiful scenery of the Sleeping Bear Dunes, high-quality touring kayaks and paddles, and the waves of Lake Michigan make kayaking at camp a memorable experience. Camp expert instructors teach proper safety techniques as well as advanced moves like the Eskimo roll and how to surf the waves forwards, sideways, and backwards!

basketballLand Sports
Land Sports covers most major sporting activities: basketball, baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, and roller hockey. This activity works to foster a great work ethic and discipline in the campers as well as teaching them how to be gracious competitors. Our Land Sports counselors are often current college athletes with extensive training and experience in many of the sports we teach. Usually during the summer, we will have a couple of specialized clinics with professional college coaches or athletes who share their knowledge and experience with our campers. In the past we have had baseball, basketball, football, and volleyball clinics that have been very beneficial.

Pyramid Point offers a natural classroom for the nature activity. The location offers four eco-systems to explore and learn in. The mature hardwood forests, the meadows, the sand dunes, and the wetlands are at our doorstep where tree, plant and fauna species are identified, bird and animal habitat are studied, and the beauty of it all thoroughly enjoyed. The nature counselors work to create exciting, project-oriented lesson plans that keep the campers engaged and enthusiastic.

It’s all in the name: RCA=Really Cool Activities. RCA features a wide range of creative activities that have included: necklace making, painting murals, building model rockets, making candles, Leelanau’s very own version of Stomp, and more. RCA is a little bit different every summer, but it always offers an opportunity for creativity, artistic style, and craftsmanship.

Nothing compares to the feeling of gliding along Lake Michigan at 8 knots and leaning back to do a head dip. With five Lasers, two JY-15s, two Club JYs, and a Sunfish, Leelanau & Kohahna’s sailing fleet has a boat to match every skill level. We also have three Optimist sailboats for our 8-11 year-old campers who learn to safely sail single-handedly in our outstanding Jr. Sailing Program. Our top-notch boats combine with camp’s perfect location on the edge of a point creating ideal sailing conditions. And that means sailing at Leelanau & Kohahna is FAST. Variable wind and wave levels promise every sailor, no matter how experienced, an exciting and challenging ride on beautiful Lake Michigan.

Rings, earrings, necklaces – oh my! In silver-smithing campers are introduced to different forms of silver and endless design ideas including stamping, engraving, and soldering. With the help of an expert instructor they learn about various tools and techniques to free their creative spirit, and craft a beautiful piece of jewelry to keep for themselves or to take home to Mom!

4th-of-julySpecial Events
Country Fair Day, Summer Olympics… every year we manage to find all sorts of occasions to break out the costumes and face paints and have fun! Fourth of July is always a highlight with a trip into the neighboring town of Glen Arbor (after we decorate the camp bus, of course) to join their parade festivities.  “The Old Ballgame” is quickly becoming an annual tradition in the boys’ camp. We’re always on the lookout for special opportunities to share with our campers.

Swimming is a fundamental skill at Leelanau and Kohahna since each waterfront activity requires a certain proficiency level. All campers are evaluated in their swimming ability the first day of each session. Each camper is then assigned a swimming ability level that will enable them to participate in waterfront activities. Campers can sign up for swimming as an activity to enhance and improve upon their swimming ability. Standard Red Cross swimming levels are taught by our swimming staff and are evaluated by a certified Red Cross water safety instructor. Parents will often request that their children be signed up for swimming to improve their skill and confidence in the water. We also have some campers and counselors who swim competitively in school, and work together at setting up training times during the day.

Our tennis program features four well-maintained outdoor courts, where campers receive high level instruction from counselors who know how to play the game. Throughout the summer, campers are taught proper form and technique and have numerous opportunities to play and practice. At the end of the summer there is opportunity for a competitive co-ed tennis tournament that invites some of the top tennis players from both Leelanau and Kohahna to participate.

Our trips program is the foundation of camp. There is no better place to learn and grow than on the trail. A schedule packed with thirty trips in seven weeks allows each camper the opportunity to take a backcountry journey. Leelanau & Kohahna’s trips program is focused on wilderness camping in destinations that are minimally populated and well-protected from the outside world. Carefully selected expert instructors facilitate a safe and valuable experience that is fun and educational. Learning to rely on one another, handling issues as a group, overcoming self-imposed limitations, and applying Christian Science to meet challenges are all lessons that are thoroughly covered on the trail.

Leelanau & Kohahna offer hiking, biking, tandem canoeing, kayaking, and even an off-shore sailing trip every summer. Additionally, each camp boasts famous competitive camping trips—the Flag Trip for Leelanau and the Challenge for Kohahna—that are some of the most fun and intense experiences anywhere. Anyone who has participated in these trips can tell of the lifelong memories and the new understanding of one’s identity as God’s child that are always part of these trips.

Some of our other trips include hiking and kayaking the gorgeous limestone cliffs of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, canoeing the rapids of the White River in Canada , hiking the virgin forests of the Porcupine Mountains in the Upper Peninsula , and trips to the two islands you can see from Camp’s shore, North Manitou and South Manitou. All of these trips help campers step outside their “comfort zones” in the Northern Wilderness and embark on a journey that will not only strengthen, improve, and excite them, but also give them memories that last a lifetime.

With its crystal clear water and its warm summer temperatures, Glen Lake is the ideal location to run a waterskiing program. Waterskiing has long been one of the most popular activities at camp and it’s no wonder with two great ski boats, excellent ski equipment, and a gorgeous lake to ski on. Also included in our waterskiing program are opportunities to kneeboard, use trick skis, and wakeboard.

The wind and waves of Lake Michigan make Leelanau & Kohahna’s windsurfing program fast and fun. Boards and sails of all shapes and sizes allow novices and experts alike to enjoy an amazing windsurfing experience. Camp’s location on the edge of a point affords maximum wind every day. During the past few years we’ve been purchasing new equipment to make this activity more exciting and easier to learn than ever.