Camp Kohahna Staff

Say Hello to the 2017 Sky Team! 


          Hey there! My name is Emma Westerhof and I am               from the D.C. Metro Area. I will be entering my                     second year at the University of Virginia this fall,                   where I am a Political & Social Thought and Spanish               double major and Anthropology minor. Summer 2017             marks my seventh year at Camp Kohahna and my first           year on staff. As the utility counselor, you will see me             bopping around from activity to activity (filling in                   wherever there is a need, or planning exciting mystery           activities, depending on the week). After several                   (long) years away from camp, I am beyond thrilled to           be returning this summer. Kohahna was always a                   second home to me as a camper—a place of boundless           joy, spontaneous adventure, meaningful friendships               and deep spiritual growth. Now, as a counselor, it is               such a privilege to be a part of making your summer             equally memorable. I am so excited to get to know               each and every one of you, and I can’t wait to grow               alongside you during another fun-filled summer on the                                                                magical shores of Lake Michigan.



          My name is Dani Lomascolo. I go to Principia College           and Major in Philosophy. I am from Easton                           Massachusetts. This is my tenth summer and second             year on staff. I attend Principia College with a double             major in philosophy and computer science. I am                   teaching Kayaking and Canoeing. For me camp has               been the best constant. Each time I return there is a             sense of home as well as the inevitable amount of                 growth that happens. There is a camp song we sing at           council fire that is always stuck in my head during the           off season. The lyrics goes, "…there's love and                       friendship; beauty and repose". That is one of the                 main constants. It's not just the place but it is the                 people.







          Name: Lydia Pierce
          From: St. Louis, Missouri
          College: Principia College, undeclared (likely Math)
          Years at Kohahna: 1st year at Kohahna ever!
          Activity: Swimming
          I’ve only been to Michigan once so I mostly decided to           come to Kohahna based off of what I’ve heard about             camp. I have many friends that have gone to Kohahna           and they are all the most joyful, loving, hardworking,             and moral women I know. I admire the moral                       standards and structure that camp provides. I am                 looking forward to spending the summer in the lake               teaching swimming and getting to know camp! See               you on the beach!







          Hello all, I'm Katie Duntley and I get the lovely                   honor of living at camp year round. I left Principia                 College in the dust back in 2010 with a bachelor’s                 degree in Religion, and am now the Program                         Coordinator for the Leelanau Outdoor Center, here at             camp, during the school year! This will be my 20th                 summer here at camp (wahoo!!) and my 12th                       summer on staff. It's my privilege to be in charge of               our incredible Waterfront this summer, making sure               every camper is having fun on the water safely. I'm               looking forward to seeing the joy on each girls face as           she steps outside her comfort zone and pushes herself           to be the absolute best she can be!









          Name: Ella Pierce-Bluhm
          Hometown: Maple City, MI
          College: Northwestern Michigan College
          Years at Kohahna: This will be my 12th summer at                 Kohahna and my second year on staff.
          Activity: Silversmithing
          I love Kohahna for so many more reasons than there             is room to write! Camp Kohahna provides a one of a             kind, supportive, and loving environment. Campers               and staff get to explore new activities while having a             blast and discovering their endless potential. Camp is             so empowering! This summer, I am looking forward to           spending time with my Kohahna sisters. It is a joy to             witness the overflowing goodness and love expressed             by all!  







          If you are reading this that means you are fortunate             enough to know about my favorite place in the world!           My name is Marina Schaberg and I'm originally from           the beautiful state we all love, Michigan, but have                 been residing in sunny California the past few years. I           graduated from The University of Toledo in 2013 with             a Business degree but recently have been pursuing               Education. This is my 13th summer and 4th on staff. I           will be in all the activities this year taking photos of               your beautiful children and capturing the love, energy           and growth that camp offers! It's hard to put into                 words how much I love Kohahna but I think my life               can attest to my sincerity to this special place. I look             forward to another fantastic summer and know that it           will be the best one yet!







          Hi, my name is Hadley Anderson and I am from                 Saint Louis, Missouri. I am a rising sophomore at Elon           University in North Carolina. Although I have not yet             officially declared my major, I am deciding between               Computer Science and Business Management. This will           be my 12th year (whoop whoop!!) at Kohahna and my           second year on staff! I will be teaching your daughters           how to become Katniss Everdeen on the Archery range           this summer. It is impossible to articulate my love of             Camp Kohahna in just a few sentences.  I strongly                 believe that the experience of attending a summer                 camp for Christian Scientists is absolutely invaluable.             Kohahna has greatly helped shape me into the young             woman I am today. I have learned the value of grace,           perseverance, and unselfishness, among many others,           at camp. Camp has showed me the importance of                 pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, as well as           the value of being a leader of humility. Lastly, camp               truly illuminates that Christian Science is not merely a           religion but a way of life. I am most looking forward to                                                                living, learning, and growing alongside your daughters                                                                this summer on our beautiful, sunny lakeshore!



          Hi! My name is Valerie Halsey. I live in Alton, IL and           I attend Principia College. I am a double major in                   Religion and Global Studies. This summer will be my             11th at KOH and my 2nd on staff. I will be teaching               Sailing on the lovely Lake Michigan this summer. I                 can't wait to come back to camp because the                         atmosphere of pure love and support is unlike                       anywhere else. I am most looking forward to dipping             every morning and seeing all my KOH sisters!










          Hello fellow campers, parents and any other friend                 that has stumbled upon this bio! My name is Olivia               Pierce-Bluhm and I was born and raised in beautiful             Leelanau County and wouldn't want to call any other             place home. If all goes according to plan I will have               graduated from Principia College in May with a degree           in Educational Studies and Studio Art. I'm honestly               losing count but I believe this is my 15th summer at             Kohahna and 5th year on staff. Although the barn,                 Wakeena section and the woods have been my                     primary home the past 4 years I'm so excited to be in           North Star with Pippi and Paige this summer 🙂                     Kohahna has impacted my life in more ways than I               could ever explain but I'll attempt to summarize by               saying it has shown me true womanhood, that                       boldness and grace can be expressed in unity and has           supported my growth, understanding and practice of             Christian Science. I can not wait to grow and learn                 alongside the incredible young women, campers and             counselors, that make Kohahna our "dearest home"               <3 xoxo see you soon! 




          Hey I'm Erin Graham from Williamston, Michigan and           I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia! I graduated from             Central Michigan University with a Bachelor’s in                     Apparel Merchandising and Design. I was a camper at           Kohahna for 7 years and this will be my first summer             on staff, and I couldn't be more excited! You'll find me           in the woods and on the courts this summer teaching             Riflery and Tennis. I love Kohahna because it's my                 home away from home. It's been a few years since               I've been at camp and I'm looking forward to being               surrounded by my CS family again. Every summer at             Camp offers new opportunities for growth and I can't             wait to see what this summer will bring! 








          Name: Paige Cooley
          Hometown: Traverse City, Michigan
          College: I am currently studying Mechanical                         Engineering at Principia College
          Years at Kohahna: This will be my 7th summer at                   Kohahna and my third summer on staff!
          Activity: North Star/Head Counselor and Waterskiing
          What I love most about Kohahna is the strong sense             of love and sisterhood that supports each camper and           counselor as they work to achieve their goals and                 grow spiritually. I am beyond grateful for all of the                 lessons I have learned at Kohahna, and I am looking             forward to spending another summer in beautiful                   Northern Michigan learning and growing alongside                 your daughters!






          Hi there! My name is Greta Johnson!
          Where I call home: St. Louis, Missouri, but I'm                     originally from the Detroit area in Michigan (Go                     Redwings!)
          Number of years at Kohahna: 10 years, first year on             staff
          Activity: Dance
          Why I love camp: I could write a book about why I               love Kohahna, but to sum it up I love the lasting                   friendships I've made at camp, the freedom and                   supportive environment to try something new, and the           opportunities to grow while striving to achieve. What             I'm most looking forward to this summer: I cannot               wait to be a counselor for the first time, meet all of               YOU campers, and spend my summer in beautiful                 Northern Michigan! 






          Psst….guess what? That's right! The coolest Thorndike           will be taking up residence on the shores of Lake                   Michigan again this summer! Still unsure which one               that is? Here's a hint, she's dramatic, she's got crazy             hair and her name is Kynslie! For those of you who               don't know me, I'm Kynslie Thorndike and I'm from           Sugarcreek Ohio. I have the honor of teaching                       Elementary Music in addition to being the Director of             the High School Drama Department for Garaway Local           Schools. This will be my third year at Kohahna and                 second on staff. I just couldn't stay away! You can find           me improving it up as the Drama counselor AND                   exploring the 4 eco-systems camp has to offer as the             Nature counselor! As for why I LOVE Kohahna? Well,             first and foremost it is because Camp offers young                 Christian Scientists the opportunity for tremendous               growth in not only an astoundingly beautiful location             but amongst like-minded people who encourage,                   inspire and love one another. How could I NOT love               that? I am totally looking forward to another summer                                                                  of friendship, growth, and grace in the most beautiful                                                                  place on Earth! Hurry up, Summer! Hurry!


          My name is Caleigh White, but my nickname is                   Leigh. I am from Royal Oak Michigan, but possibly                 moving to Howell Michigan. I just finished my                       freshman year at Hope College. I am a studio                       art and art history double major. I am also a member             of the women’s varsity lacrosse team. I have been a             camper at Kohahna for eight years including my                   counselor training summer. This will be my first                     summer as a counselor and I’ll be teaching ceramics!             The reason I love Kohahna is that it taught me to be             myself. I have always been a shy and quiet individual,           but being in this amazing camp environment, close to           nature and the love of Christian Science has made me           who I am today. Kohahna has taught me to step                   outside the box in comfort zone and creativity. It also             taught me to be a leader, in my own way.​







          Hi! My name is Ruth Coolidge and I am from the                 exotic, faraway city of St. Louis, Missouri. This fall I               will be attending Hamilton College in Clinton, New                 York, which, shockingly, has no affiliation with the hit             musical. I plan to study creative writing and film. This           will be my 11th summer at Kohahna and my very first           year on staff! I'll be teaching horseback riding as well             as the sub-activities of mucking and horse beautifying.           I love Kohahna for a host of reasons, but to keep it               short and sweet: I love the people here, I love the                 atmosphere! (The atmosphere being love and good               old-fashioned CS growth). I can't wait to meet and               work with all your wonderful campers and help give               them an awesome summer!







          My name is Caitlyn Demaree
          I am from St. Louis Missouri
          In the fall I will be attending Calvin College and will be           studying civil engineering.
          This will by my 11th summer at camp and my first                 year on staff!
          I will be teaching Camp Crafts and Land Sports. 
          There are so many reasons why I love Kohahna, but             one of the best things about camp and the biggest                 reason I come back every summer is that Christian               Science is a part of everything that happens at camp,           and you can tell. The atmosphere is so uplifted and               everyone at camp is full of love and joy for each other           and for what they are doing. I am most looking                     forward to being able to spend my summer with all of           the wonderful staff and campers in such a beautiful               place!






          Hi, everyone! My name is Katie Stewart and you'll               find me ~hanging out~ at the climbing tower this                 summer! It's been a few years since I've been back,             and I'm so happy to be able to return for another                 summer. This will be my seventh year at Kohahna and           my fourth on summer staff. Since graduating from                 Principia College four years ago with a degree in                   environmental studies I've worked full time as an                   outdoor educator. Over the years I've been able to                 climb in some pretty cool locations — most recently in           southeastern Arizona with the National Outdoor                     Leadership School. I'm excited to take what I've                   learned over the years and share it with you all at                 camp! It's going to be a great summer! 








          Hello! My name is Holly Phillips, and I am from                   Titusville, Florida. I just graduated with a major in                 Educational Studies from Principia College and am                 very excited to be spending another summer at                     Kohahna! This is my second year on Kohahna staff,               but my seventh year as a camp counselor. Being a                 counselor is my favorite job in the whole world, so I               feel privileged and overjoyed to be leading this year’s             CT class of up-and-coming counselors. I love how                 Kohahna is such a nurturing home for young women             of substance, and I can’t wait to see the love, growth,           and unfoldment of Good that this CT class will bring.








          Hey there! My name is Elsa Heath, I’m originally                 from a little Island off the Coast of BC, Canada called             Bowen, but I’m currently living in St. Louis, Missouri.             At the moment, I am attending Principia College and             am undeclared in my major (though- spoiler alert- it             will likely end up being in the natural science area of             study). This will actually be my first summer at                     Kohahna! Though I have been going to Christian                   Science summer camps since I was born (literally,                 since I was born) and have been on staff at two of                 them, I’m super pumped to be somewhere new this               year! This summer at camp I will be a riding                         counselor. I am SO excited to be spending this                       summer teaching one of my favorite hobbies to                     young Christian Scientists and to be in Beautiful                   Michigan! I’m looking forward to spending time doing             what I love, and sharing my understanding of                       Christian Science, learning more about myself, getting           to know new friends, and being the fullest expression             of Divine Love I can be! I can’t wait to meet you all                                                                    soon!



          Hello All! I am Elizabeth Shugart from Tampa,                     Florida. I will be a Junior at Rollins College this coming           fall where I am double majoring in Environmental                 Studies and Studio Art. This will be my 11th summer             at Camp and my 3rd year as a member of the Sky                 Team!! I am so excited to be taking the campers into             the gorgeous Northern Michigan outdoors as the Trips           counselor for half the summer! I also look forward to             taking the campers on beautiful Glen Lake and                     teaching them how to waterski!! Camp is such an                 incredible place that I look forward to returning to                 every year. Not only has it allowed me to escape the             hot Florida summers, but it has also given me a                     supportive environment enabling me to step outside             my comfort zone and grow, both spiritually and as an             individual. I cannot wait to be immersed in the                     atmosphere of Love that envelops me each time I turn           down Port Oneida. I look forward to the fun that                   awaits with my KOH sisters and the growth ahead of             each of us!




          Name: Camille Tish
          Hometown: Northville, MI
          College: Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN                           Major: Special Education
          Activity: Arts and Crafts
          First year on staff!













          Hello! It’s Mel L'Heureux! This summer I’ll be                     returning to the great Up North with the honor of                   being the babysitter for Pippi and Weldon, aka Maggie           and Izzie’s body guard, the Rutledge Wrangler, or                 Toddler Tour guide. I’m originally from Hayward,                   California, which is about as far away from San                     Francisco as Leelanau County is from Traverse City!               However, I jumped from the west coast to the                       Midwest where I graduated from Principia College with           a degree in Educational Studies, and an interest in                 hanging out with kids. This will be both my third year             at camp and on staff, which is older than Maggie and             Izzie combined! This summer, I am looking forward to           helping camp in lots of new and different ways. What             could be better than seeing one of my favorite places             through the eyes of a toddler? That, and finally                     mastering all the words to the Kohahna Hymn. Can’t             wait to see you there!






          Hello! My name is Emily Anderson I am a Michigan             Native about 25 minutes south of Camp Kohahna. I               will be attending Belmont University next year to                   study design and political science. This will be my                 11th summer at Kohahna and my first year on staff.               I get even more excited every year I return. This                   summer I have the privilege of teaching Waterskiing.             It has been my dream to teach on the beautiful Glen             Lake for years! Kohahna to me allows campers and               counselors to not only grow as independent woman,             but it is a safe environment for us to express ALL of               our God given qualities. That is what I am most                     excited about. I look forward to having your wonderful           children as campers this summer! 







***Keep an eye out, there may be mystery counselors making appearances as the summer goes on!