Camp Leelanau Staff

It’s time to get excited for the 2017 Crib Team!!


          Hello! My name is Reed Timoner and I will be living             in the cabin of HQ this summer as a head counselor. I           am coming to Pyramid Point from my home in Fairfax,           VA, just outside of D.C. I will be a junior at the College           of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA next fall, and I             just finished a semester of working and studying away           from school in the nation’s capital. This will be my                 12th summer at Leelanau, my third on staff, and I am           sure that it will be the best one yet. I am committed             to making sure each counselor and camper balances             progress, fun, perseverance, silliness, and spirituality             so that no one will ever want to leave the shores of               Lake Michigan. I have never wanted to leave, which is           why I will see you again this summer on Port Oneida!









          My name is Brett Schaberg and I will be returning               for my 13th summer at camp and 3rd summer on staff           at the greatest place in the world. I've been switching           it up a bit every year with my activities, but this                   summer I'm pleased to be taking photos of all your               awesome kids and their equally awesome, but less                 cute counselors who make their experiences                         memorable. I just finished up my sophomore year of             college at Western Michigan University, but will be                 moving out to Los Angeles to pursue acting with my               brother. I'm so happy that God has brought me back             to camp for another summer at Leelanau, and I truly             believe this will be the best summer ever. There's                 good work to be done and nothing but fun to be had             all along the way. We Leelanau men fight the good                 fight daily, and will instill in your kids what it truly                 means to be a Christian Scientist. 







          Hi everyone! My name is Dylan Hanser. By the time             you're reading this, I will have just finished my                     freshman year at NC State University, where I'm                   studying Industrial Engineering. I'm super excited to             be coming back to Leelanau for my eleventh summer.           I'm even more excited that I convinced Weldon to let             me spend every morning on the beach, teaching                   Swimming and Canoeing. I can't wait to see everyone           and make 2017 the best summer ever!












          Hello parents and campers! My name is Jeremy                   Hanson. I was a camper for eight years and I am so             excited to have the opportunity to return to Camp as a           counselor. I am teaching archery and I have some big           shoes to fill. In fall of 2017, I will be attending                       Principia College to study architectural engineering,               I'm pretty excited. The summer of 2017 is going to be           an incredible adventure! So if you need to blink, blink           now so you don't miss a second.












          Hello, Henry Busch here, going on 17 straight                     summers at Camp Leelanau! Which means that my               first summer was when the CTs would have been born           – yikes. Anyways, this is my fifth year on staff, I'll be             back in HQ as a Head Counselor this summer, and I'm           pumped about it. I just graduated from Clemson                   (reigning NCAA Football National Champions in case               anyone forgot) with a degree in Mechanical                           Engineering. I'll be going back to Clemson to pursue a           Master's degree in Environmental Engineering where             I'll learn all about sustainability! Some would say                   going to Grad School was to further my education and           learn more about my passion, however it's all just a               ploy so that I could free up another summer to come             back to Leelanau! Ha! I can't wait to see y'all up here             and to see what this summer will do for you, us, and             the Christian Science movement!








          Hello to all who trust us to take care of your children             for the summer. My name is Nate Berdeaux, and this           will be my 7th summer at camp (2nd on staff). In the           time that I've been away from camp I've been                       studying mechanical engineering at Principia College,             and am excited that summer is just around the                     corner! Last year I had the priviledge of teaching                   silversmithing, and am glad to say I will be the                     silversmithing counselor this summer as well. I can't             wait to see all of the new and returning faces when               Camp starts! Welcome to Leelanau!












          Hi all! My name is Wyatt Dale and I am going to be             the Tennis Counselor at Leelanau this summer. I have           been playing tennis for over ten years and started                 playing competitively around eight years ago. I am               very passionate about tennis, which is why I am so               excited to get the opportunity to teach it at Leelanau             this summer. I will be graduating from Principia Upper           School this June and then heading up to Prin College             next year where I will continue my tennis career. I                 have yet to decide what I am going to major in but I             am leaning towards possibly Business or Political                   Science. I came to camp for two summers when I was           younger but haven’t been able to come back since for           various reasons. This is going to be the best summer             ever because I have the opportunity to come back to             camp and teach the sport that I love to campers of all           ages! 









          Hi, I'm Colin Saad, and I'm excited to help make this           summer the best one yet! This will be my second year           on staff and my 9th summer spent at Leelanau. I just           finished up my freshman year at Milwaukee School of             Engineering where I am studying mechanical                         engineering, and also play rugby. I will be teaching               Blacksmithing and RCA again this year, and both are             going to be a blast. This summer is going to be great,           don’t miss it, and can't wait to see everyone there! 












          My name is Corbitt Grow and I am going into my                 junior year at Randolph-Macon College outside of                   Richmond, Virginia. Despite being in school out east,             the rest of my family resides in St. Louis, Missouri,               which is where I spent my high school years. Last                 summer was not only my first time on staff, but it was           also my first time at Leelanau. I immediately felt so               welcomed by everyone, and the relationships I built               with other staff members and with the fine young men           you sent to us made it impossible not to come back               for another go-round. The summer of 2017 is going to           be one for the history books. We have a fantastic                   group of guys on staff this year, and the campers…               well…you already know they are what makes                         Leelanau so great. Anyways, I can’t wait to be up in               beautiful Michigan with everyone, pushing ourselves             and glorifying God in EVERYTHING that we do.








          Hello everyone, my name is Connor Goering. This               summer I will be teaching the boys in Border Camp. It           is going to be my tenth summer here at Camp                       Leelanau! 2017 will be an amazing summer filled with           lots of fun and Spiritual growth. I am most looking                 forward to Saturday night soccer, the LIFE                             tournament, mama spatch, and much much more.                 After camp I will be attending Principia College as a               freshman. I can't wait to see you all this summer!












          Hello, everyone, my name is Leland Heckel and I                 can't wait to be the sailing counselor this summer.                 This will be my 15th summer at Camp Leelanau. I will           be attending Principia College this upcoming fall. I am           so happy to be apart of camp this year and I am going           to use my past camp experiences to make this                     summer the most memorable summer yet.













          Hello!  My name is Griffin Carlson and I will be the               Riflery counselor this summer!  Graduation is right                 around the corner and I have decided to attend                     Principia College in the fall. This is going to be my first           summer on staff and my 10th summer at Leelanau.  I           am excited to be practicing safe shooting on the                   ranger every day, and waking up to a wonderful dip in           Lake Michigan!












          Greetings!  Noah Moothart here for summer number           three of teaching the young men of Leelanau                         waterskiing, wakeboarding, and other drag behind a               powerboat kind of sports!  I cannot wait to return to             the beautiful blue waters of Glen Lake and share my             passion for waterskiing with your sons!





























Friends of Leelanau!!  Joey White and Sean O’Hagan your brilliant and excitable Trips Counselors are checking in for 2017. We’ve been busy planning, plotting, and preparing for the Men of Leelanau to return to Pyramid Point, so that we can steal them away to the Upper Peninsula, The Pine River, Northern Ontario, and other beautiful and remote locations!  We cannot wait for summer to arrive!


Additional Gentlemen that will be making an appearance at Camp Leelanau this summer (also know as Team Greybeard):  Max Warner, Paul Olsen, Charley Martin, Marshall McCurties, Steve Hufstader, and Jordan Poznick.