Packing List for Summer Camp

Camps Leelanau and Kohahna do not have uniforms. However, for Sunday church campers are required to dress in white shorts/pants and special camp shirts (available in the Camp Store for $10). For the Wednesday evening church service, Kohahna dresses in navy (not denim) shorts/pants and white shirts and Leelanau in khaki shorts/pants and white shirts. White shorts/pants and shirts are also worn for the final banquets at the end of camp.

Each camper should bring an ample footlocker for storing clothing and daily use. Also, please make sure all of your child’s belongings are marked with his/her name.

We suggest that trunks and/or duffels be sent to camp ahead of time if the camper is traveling by public transportation. They should be sent by UPS to the camp’s address:

Camp Leelanau or Camp Kohahna
1653 Port Oneida Rd.
Maple City, MI 49664

Clothing and Equipment Checklist:

___1 pr. navy (not denim) shorts or pants for girls**   ___2 large laundry bags

___1 pr. khaki shorts or pants for boys                          ___3 warm blankets

___1 pr. white shorts or pants for boys & girls**           ___2 sets of sheets

___2-4 pr. any color shorts                                             ___2 pillow cases

___2-4 pr. heavy pants or jeans                                     ___1 quilted mattress cover (optional)

___6-8 short sleeve shirts or t-shirts                              ___2 bath towels

___1-2 white shirts (without graphics)                            ___2 washcloths

___2 long-sleeve shirts                                                   ___1 bed pillow

___10 pr. socks (boys need clean, white socks)              ___1 outdoor sleeping bag*

___10 sets underwear

___2-3 sweatshirts, sweaters, fleece pullovers               ___1 flashlight or headlamp with                                                                                                          batteries

___1 warm jacket                                                           ___1 comb/brush

___1 raincoat, hat/poncho                                              ___1 toothbrush/toothpaste

___2 pr. warm pajamas                                                   ___shampoo

___1 bathrobe (optional)                                                  ___soap/soapbox

___2 bathing suits (at least 1 one piece suit)                 ___toiletry container

___2 beach towels                                                         ___stamps and/or self-addressed stamped envelopes

___1 pr. sandals for beach & shower                            ___pens/pencils

___1 pr. tennis/athletic shoes                                       ___stationery

___1 pr. everyday shoes                                               ___Bible and Science & Health, markers,

___1 pr. hiking boots*                                                   and summer Quarterly for daily study

___1 pr. heeled boots or shoes (if participating            ___bandanna (not red)

         in riding program)                                                 ___sunscreen

___ belt (Leelanau)                                                       ___waterbottle


**If girls bring skirts, they must be knee length or longer.





___shoes/clothes for jazz/ballet                                    ___tennis racket

___camping equipment/day pack*                                 ___bug spray

___camera                                                                      ___musical instruments

___bicycle & helmet                                                        ___costumes for skits, plays, etc.

___rollerblades & safety equipment                              ___hiking pants or long underwear

Mark each article taken to camp. Please don’t bring valuables such as expensive watches and jewelry. DO NOT BRING ANY TAPE/CD PLAYERS, GAME BOYS, RADIOS, CELLULAR PHONES OR PAGERS, MP3 PLAYERS, iPODS OR WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICES.